Artist and Creative Entrepreneurs and the Convention


The Convention recognizes the important contribution and the central role of artists and cultural professionals in nurturing the diversity of cultural expressions. 

Artists and others involved in the creation of cultural expressions are encouraged to build networks that:

  • Raise awareness of the Convention;
  • Identify innovative means to communicate the messages of the Convention;
  • Engage in a dialogue with artists and cultural professionals from other countries and communities about the meaning of the Convention and how its messages can be implemented at all levels;
  • Assess and communicate their evolving technological, physical resource and skills development needs;
  • Connect with public administrators working in the different fields of the cultural sector;
  • Facilitate local, national and cross-border cultural exchanges and dialogue; 
  • Support capacity-building programmes in the field.

Cultural communities and organizations that support the creation of cultural expressions can:

  • Educate themselves and others about the importance and benefits of diversity in their everyday lives;
  • Participate in and develop a curiosity for diverse cultural initiatives in their communities;
  • Collect and disseminate information about diverse cultural initiatives on the ground.

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