The 2005 Convention for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions is a legal instrument whose text contains the following elements:

I.   Objectives and guiding principles

II.  Scope of application

III. Definitions

IV. Rights and obligations of Parties

V.  Relationship to other instruments

VI. Organs of the Convention

VII. Final clauses




The Convention is available in six authoritative texts including:

English  French  Spanish  Arabic  Chinese  Russian

Other languages:

አማርኛ   Kiswahili

Operational Guidelines

Operational Guidelines of the Convention include a set of texts elaborated by the Intergovernmental Committee and adopted by the Conference of Parties, providing general guidelines for the implementation and application of the provisions of the Convention. They are to be considered as a “roadmap” for understanding, interpretation and implementation of specific articles of the Convention.

Art. 7. Measures to Promote Cultural Expressions

Art. 8 and 17. Measures to Protect Cultural Expressions - Special Situations

Art. 9. Information Sharing and Transparency

Art. 10. Education and Public Awareness

Art. 11. Role and Participation of Civil Society

Art. 12. Promotion of International Cooperation

Art. 13. Integration of Culture in Sustainable Development

Art. 14. Cooperation for Development

Art. 15. Modalities for Partnerships

Art. 16. Preferential Treatment for Developing Countries

Art. 18. Guidelines on the Use of the Resources of the International Fund for Cultural Diversity

Art. 19. Exchange, Analysis and Dissemination of Information

Guidelines on the Use of the Emblem of the Convention

Guidelines on the Implementation of the Convention in the Digital Environment

The latest operational guidelines can be found here in the six official languages of the United Nations:

English  French  Spanish  Arabic  Chinese  Russian

Other languages:

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