Third ordinary session of the Conference of Parties

Highlights of the session:

  • Approval of the second set of operational guidelines
  • Approval of dates for submission and dissemination of quadrennials periodic reports
  • Election of half of the members of the Intergovernmental Committee

(Paris, 14 - 15 June 2011)

More information on the session

Chairperson: M. Marcelo Vazquez-Bermudez (Ecuador)

Rapporteur: M. Haris Pappis (Greece)

Vice-Presidents: Albania, Kenya, Lao People’s Democratic republic and Qatar

Speech at the Opening Ceremony

Mr Francesco Bandarin
Assistant Director-General for Culture

Election of a chairperson, one or more vice-Chairperson(s) and a rapporteur of the Conference of Parties

Adoption of the summary record of the second ordinary session of the Conference of Parties

Report of the Committee on its activities and decisions to the Conference of Parties

Approval of the operational guidelines for the implementation of the Convention
CE/11/3 CP/209/7

Pertinence and feasibility of appointing public persons to promote the Convention

Fundraising Strategy for the International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD)

Submission and dissemination of quadrennial periodic reports of the Parties to the Convention

Election of Members of the Committee
CE/11/3.CP/209/12 REV

Provisional Timetable

List of Participants

Provisional list of candidates for election to the Committee
CE/11/3.CP/209/INF.3 REV

Progress of ratifications of the Convention and implementation of the ratification strategy

Outline of the terms of reference for a future fundraising strategy for the International Fund for Cultural Diversity

Implementation and follow-up of the Convention: current state

Replies of the Parties to the questionnaire on fundraising mechanisms implemented at the national level to raise resources for the International Fund for Cultural Diversity
CE/11/3.CP/209/INF.7 REV

Criteria and steps for civil society participation in sessions of the Convention's governing bodies

"Ratification makes a difference"

This information session is to be moderated by Patrick Simonin from TV5 who will engage the invited guests in a discussion on why ratification makes a difference from the point of view of different stakeholder groups.