First ordinary session of the Conference of Parties

Highlights of the session:

  • Adoption of the rules of procedure for the Conference of Parties
  • Election of the members of the Intergovernmental Committee
  • First discussions on the functionning of the Committee

(Paris, 18 - 20 June 2007)

More information on the session

Chairperson: Professor Kader Asmal (South Africa)

Rapporteur: Mme Nina Obuljen (Croatia)

Vice-Presidents: Chile, India, Spain and Tunisia 

Professor Kader Asmal,
Chairperson of the Intergovernmental meeting of Experts in charge of elaborating the draft of the Convention

Mr. Javier Pérez de Cuéllar,
Former Secretary General of the United Nations and President of the World Commission on Culture and Development

H.E. Mr. Musa Bin Jaafer Bin Hassan,
President of the General Conference of UNESCO

Chairperson: Professor Kader Asmal - South Africa

Vice-Chairs: Chile, India, Spain and Tunisia

Rapporteur: Nina Obuljen - Croatia

Election of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson(s) and Rapporteur of the Conference of Parties

Adoption of the Agenda of the First Session of the Conference of Parties

Adoption of the Rules of Procedure of the Conference of Parties

Dates and venue of the sessions of the Conference of Parties

Distribution among electoral groups of the seats of the Intergovernmental Committee

Election of the Intergovernmental Committee

Selection by lot of twelve States Members of the Intergovernmental Committee whose term of office will be limited to two years

Date and venue of the First Session of the Intergovernmental Committee

Functioning and administration of the International Fund for Cultural Diversity

List of Participants