The Emblem

The linked emblem


The stand-alone emblem



In order to promote the 2005 Convention on the Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions ("the Convention") and increase its visibility at the national, regional and international levels, Parties to the Convention adopted an emblem encapsulating its objectives and principles.

The emblem of the Convention is a graphic representation, visually exploring the relationships, concepts and ideas of the Convention and their interactions with one another.  As attaining objectives of the Convention requires multi-stakeholder action, UNESCO is committed to reaching a wide range of partners and audiences.  The use of the emblem therefore constitutes an important, strategic outreach tool.

The emblem was adopted by the Convention’s Conference of Parties in June 2013.  Its use is strictly regulated with Guidelines. 

Organizers of one-off and short-term activities such as performances, exhibitions, cultural industry festivals, seminars, conferences and audio-visual productions may request the authorized use of the stand-alone emblem.  Activity organizers may also request to place the activity under the patronage of UNESCO, and hence request the authorized use of the linked emblem.