Case Studies

The main aim of this case study database, constituted on the basis of operational experience, is to show the abundant and varied situations that highlight how working in a partnership in cultural industries benefits development. It also makes innovative partnerships more visible and inspires other initiatives. This way, practices are shared among all; inspiration can be drawn, leading to the progressive expansion of such practices.

The following case studies were prepared using a selection of projects carried out under the Global Alliance since 2002. These joint efforts were selected for the quality of their partnerships and their contribution to the emergence of dynamic culture sectors in developing and transitioning countries.

The Global Alliance team would like to thank the project managers for their invaluable contribution which has enabled the launch of this unique database.

Your experience is of interest to us:

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In this way, your project will be made visible and accessible to a broad constituency, which is a considerable advantage when expanding networks or requesting funding. Furthermore, by sharing your experience and know-how, you are making a vital contribution to the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions.