Nationality: Gabon
UN Working Languages:
English, French, Spanish

Mr. Moore G. Mombo is a consultant intellectual property lawyer and founder of the firm Prop-Int Consulting, where he provides legal and administrative assistance to institutions, companies, artists and other creators, in the various fields of intellectual property and related matters. After three years at the Faculty of Law and Economics of Omar Bongo University (Gabon), he continued his studies in Senegal at the University of Dakar Bourguiba where he obtained a Master 2 in legal business management. Back in Gabon in 2015, he did several internships in the office of the Minister of Culture and in the Gabonese Office of Copyright and Neighboring Rights (BUGADA) before integrating the Master 2 specialization in intellectual property of the Denis Ekani Academy of the African Intellectual Property Organization in 2017-2018.