Nationality: Namibia
UN Working Languages:

Ms Marinda Stein is a renowned writer and director who represents the Filmmakers Association of Namibia on the Namibia Film Commission Board. Her vast experience is cemented by her accolade in video technology, obtained through the Durban University of Technology (then Natal Technikon). Ms Steing directed a variety of genres over the years, first at the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation where she launched her career in TV and later as part of the pioneering team of ONE Africa Television. She traded television for the independent filmmaking industry in 2008. Ms Stein co-wrote and produced the Namibian film Against the Odds (Desert Soul/Soul City/‘One Love’ series) in 2010. She produced the award-winning short film Dead River (directed by Tim Huebschle) in 2012. In 2014, Ms Stein directed the award winning short film Coming Home and released her 13-part series capturing the inspiring life journeys of Namibian women Women of Our World on DVD. Ms Steing founded the production company RedHot Film Productions in 2009 and acquired Capture Communications in 2015. She was the Chairperson of the Filmmakers Association of Namibia in 2014-2015 and currently serves on the board of the Namibia Film Commission.