Nationality: Namibia
UN Working Languages:
Mr Eino John Max is the Chief Executive Officer of the Namibian Society of Composers and Authors of Music (NASCAM), which administers the Rights of the Authors, Composers and Publishers of music in the Republic of Namibia. Mr Max is the Chairperson of the CISAC Africa Region, a sub-regional body that is responsible with all the collective management organizations in Africa. He has been serving in many creative industry committees representing the authors, composers and publishers of music as well as other artistic disciplines. Mr Max is one of the longer serving Executive in the collective management organizations (CMOs) of Africa and has helped many of them establish copyright societies. He has been with NASCAM for 22 years and works hard to improve NASCAM which has become one of the most successful and internationally recognized CMOs in Africa. He has played a role in the development of the Southern, East Africa Copyright Network (SEACONET) Copyright Guide Policy and was one of the founding executive members of that Committee. Mr Max also served as a member of the National Committee of UNESCO in Namibia representing the interests of the creative industries. He served in many national committees that deal with arts and culture and his main focus is to guide and maintain the protection of the rights of creators, and fight piracy in Namibia.