Bodibaatar Jigjidsuren

Domain of Expertise: Cultural policy
Nationality: Mongolia
UN Working Languages:
English, Russian
Bodibaatar Jigjidsuren is an art historian and cultural manager who currently works as an independent cultural policy consultant and arts manager. He produced TV programs on contemporary world cinema for Mongolian National Television, developed and implemented policies for visual arts, motion pictures and cultural and creative industries at the Ministry of Culture, lectured at the National University of Mongolia, and recently advised on cultural and public policies for the majority party in Mongolia. As a cultural policymaker and manager, he set out policy concerning cultural and creative industries, cooperated with UNESCO, initiated local capacity building projects related to the 2005 Convention, and managed cultural activities with various arts and culture NGOs. He is an editor of “The Encyclopedia of Mongolian Cinema” and a contributor to Mongolian journals and newspapers. Bodibaatar holds a BA in communications and journalism from the Mongolian University of the Humanities, a BA in art history from Ankara University, an MA in arts studies from the National University of Mongolia, and an MA in cultural policy and management from City University of London.