William Codjo

Domain of Expertise: Cultural and creative industries, Cultural entrepreneurship, Digital
Nationality: Benin
UN Working Languages:
Mr Codjo is an independent consultant. For over 10 years he has been involved in the business and cultural industry sector, and his field of expertise covers many areas, and more specifically: policy and cultural strategy, development of institutional capacities, strategies to facilitate access to credit and for the funding of culture, cultural stakeholder training, evaluation of development frameworks and programmes and/or supporting cultural action. Mr Codjo has carried out several missions funded by the EU, IFO, EBID, UEMOA (West African Economic and Monetary Union), UNESCO and the Ministry of Benin in charge of culture. As a financial expert, he was recently involved in a mission the aim of which was to support the beneficiaries of the “Regional Fund for the promotion of cultural exchanges in West Africa” (COWI, EU, UEMOA). Mr Codjo owns considerable professional experience in numerous African countries, and most notably through his implication as a trainer in the framework of the IFO’s programme for the development of cultural businesses, instigated to support cultural businesses in the fields of cinema, edition and music.