Robert Palmer

Domain of Expertise: Cultural and creative industries, Cultural policy
Nationality: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
UN Working Languages:
Robert Palmer is an independent consultant who works internationally on a wide range of cultural projects in the areas of cultural policy and strategy, organisational development, festivals and events, the creative economy and issues related to cultural rights and the cultural development of cities. He was formerly the Director of Culture and Cultural and National Heritage for the Council of Europe based in Strasbourg, France (2006-2013). The Council of Europe is an organisation that groups together 48 European countries, where he directly managed 50 different work programmes ranging from cultural policy reviews and major exhibitions to capacity building projects relating to cultural and natural heritage with national ministries, regions and cities. Prior to joining the Council of Europe, Robert Palmer had worked in the cultural sector for more than 30 years, and was an adviser to several cities and regions concerning cultural development and regeneration, cultural tourism, festivals and arts policies. He has advised UNESCO, European Commission and many different European Cultural Institutes and cultural networks on cultural matters. Robert Palmer worked for 9 years in Brussels, including the direction of Brussels European Capital of Culture 2000, and in Scotland (1975-1997) where he had been the Director of Performing Arts and Venues for the city of Glasgow, with responsibility for managing a process of arts-led regeneration for the city over a ten year period, of which Glasgow's designation as Cultural Capital of Europe in 1990 formed a part. Prior to this he was the Drama and Dance Director of the Scottish Arts Council. Robert Palmer is a member of the Boards of various arts institutions and international festivals, the Chair of European arts juries and is asked regularly to be a speaker at international cultural conferences and workshops. He has been given various awards in recognition of his work. He is the co-author of the book “Eventful Cities: Cultural Management and Urban Revitalisation” (Routledge, 2010) and teaches on many university programmes including the Centre for Cultural Planning and Development of the University of British Columbia (Canada), where he teaches online courses available to international students in Cultural Policy and Planning and Festivals and Events.