A. J. Francisco d'Almeida

Domain of Expertise: Cultural and creative industries, Cultural entrepreneurship, Cultural policy
Nationality: Togo
UN Working Languages:
A. J. Francisco d’Almeida is the general delegate and co-director of the Culture et développement association, which works for the integration of culture in development and international cooperation policies. He advises governments and local authorities in France and Africa on cultural policies, particularly with regard to the cultural and creative industries. He also leads cultural engineering projects: spaces for music, reading, cultural business support and training. Francisco is also a consultant for international organizations, ministries in France and Africa, as well as local authorities in West Africa. In addition to these activities, he provides training at the Cultural Policies Observatory in Grenoble (France) and at Senghor University in Alexandria (Egypt). His professional experience and expertise cover, on the one hand, cultural industries strategies and the cultural economy in francophone countries in the global South, and on the other hand, transversal strategies for local development based on the cultural assets of local territories: cultural decentralization and land use planning, cultural infrastructures and the integration of culture into sectoral development policies. He has a degree in political science and a doctorate in the sociology of development from the University Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne (France).