Vesna Čopič

Domain of Expertise: Cultural policy
Nationality: Slovenia
Ms Copic is senior advisor to the Education Development Office of the Ministry of Education and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia and lecturer at the Faculty for Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana. She is a lawyer with extensive experience in legislation, engaged in the preparation of laws for different fields of culture. She is also a public policy analyst involved in the evaluation of national cultural policy and in the development of information infrastructure for cultural policy formulation and implementation, including cultural statistics. She has a thematic specialization in regulatory and legal frameworks for the audiovisual sector, libraries, museums, amateur culture and all other schemes that are important for the organization, funding and governance of cultural organizations, as well as transversal topics such as tax regulation, labour relations, social security or remuneration schemes. Ms Copic has participated as an expert in Council of Europe programmes, EU research projects, ECF and UNDP activities, such as the technical assistance project in the field of culture for the EC in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the cultural mapping and statistics of UNDP (MDG Culture and Development).