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Some 62,000 visitors took part in the 86 different events organized during Design Month Graz (Designmonat Graz) in Austria, held from May 1 to 31 2015, and to which Montréal was invited as a guest of honour. For the occasion, the exhibition “I Was There: Montréal Meets Graz” presented the multiple facets of Montréal to visitors through immersive installations. A Bixi bike, clotheslines and a Tempo carport were among the iconic pieces included to convey “Montréalité” to visitors.
Two Creative Cities of Design, Montréal (Canada) and Graz (Austria) launched in May 2015 the exhibit «I was there: Montréal meets Graz», which is the central hub of Montréal’s presence at the Design Month in Graz.   
The first joint project involving the seven UNESCO Cities of Design – Berlin, Buenos Aires, Kobe, Montreal, Nagoya, Shanghai and Shenzhen, the CODE Poster Competition 2010 invited designers to define the visual identity of a UNESCO City of Design, expressing each city’s most distinctive aspects. The competition aroused great interest among creators, and a total of 807 posters were received from the seven participating cities.