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Over the course of eight days, Chefs from Tsuruoka, Japan (Gastronomy) were welcomed by their peers in Bilbao, Spain (Design) for a culinary collaboration putting both Creative Cities’ food cultures into dialogue.
Last month, from 10 to 29 January, the Tsuruoka Creative City of Gastronomy Promotion Council, in cooperation with an executive committee consisting of citizens, held “The First Delicious Food Film Festival” in Tsuruoka, during which food-related films were screened for one week. The event aimed at developing food awareness and promoting local industries by providing the citizens with opportunities to learn about gastronomy. Among other films, the audience had the occasion to watch:
Japan, 1 November – Among the 44 applicants from around Japan, 5 areas, including Tsuruoka, Creative City of Gastronomy, were awarded the “Savor Japan” Certification, an initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to attract and raise awareness worldwide tourists to Japanese farming, mountain and fishing villages.
Taking place every beginning of July, the Tsuruoka Japanese Sake Festival offers for a day-long special event a unique opportunity to taste a wide array of traditional gastronomic delights from Tsuruoka, including various types of rice wine sake, being a genuine local specialty.