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Between the month of July and August, the Creative Cities of Literature Melbourne and Reykjavík are sharing the children's readings and short fictional stories on Sleipnir’s journey, an imaginary horse from Norse mythology. Through Sleipnir Travels Website, children are invited to create digital postcards about Sleipnir’s adventures in the cities it visits. These postcards will be publishable (and email-able) directly from a website.
An exhibition of words and images from eighteen Creative Cities of Literature has been put up at the Reykjavík City Hall. The exhibition, which will be launched on 1 October and runs through 21 October, is part of the programme of the annual Reykjavík Reads Festival.
The Creative Cities of Literature, Reykjavík, Kraków, Tartu and Heidelberg have joined hands, together with Copenhagen, in the joint-project “Drop the Mic” which aims to engage the overlapping worlds of songwriting and poetry. The ongoing project is spearheaded by Reykjavík, Krakow and Tartu and supported by the Nordic Culture Point.
Reykjavik UNESCO City of Literature organized a multilingual writing workshop for women that took place over a period of five months in 2015. Women of Icelandic and forein origin living in Iceland came together to create literary texts. Designed and facilitated by foreign-born Icelandic resident and internationally renowned author Angela Rawlings, the workshop became a platform for women with a wide range of writing experience and twenty-three distinct languages to explore their voices in a supportive and professional environment.