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18 June now marks World Sustainable Gastronomy Day, which acknowledges gastronomy as a cultural expression linked to the natural and cultural diversity of the world. This gives countries and cities around the world an opportunity to celebrate gastronomy as a key lever for sustainable development through agricultural development, food security, nutrition, responsible food production and conservation of biodiversity.
Bologna, along with eight other Italian creative cities: Milan, Pesaro, Rome, Torino, Carrara, Fabriano,
Throughout the world, the food industry is a dynamic sector, providing social and economic benefits. However, despite its importance, many countries are facing culinary skills shortage. Youth4Food is the abbreviation for the ‘Youth in action for a creative and sustainable gastronomy’ initiative.
Every year, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism designs a “Capital of Culture” with the aim to support and enhance the cultural activities of the Italian cities. Last Friday 16th February  2018, the UNESCO’s Creative City of Parma was designated Italian Capital of Culture 2020. The city will have the unique opportunity to showcase to national and international public its urban cultural life and development.
Parma and other 7 UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy cooperated during the city’s Festival Gola Gola by involving their chefs in a “UNESCO Dinner” and a “UNESCO Creative Comparison” cooking shows.
On 2 April, on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day, Parma, a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, lighted up its monuments in blue, together with cities in Italy and around the world, for raising awareness on a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects one child out of 68.
On the occasion of Cibus 2016, the 18th International Food Exhibition, and the World Food Research and Innovation Forum to be held from 9 to 12 May, Parma will be hosting a sub-network meeting, welcoming 13 Creative Cities of Gastronomy. This will be a unique opportunity to enhance cooperation and joint initiatives between the Creative Cities of Gastronomy, as well as to foster synergies between the seven creative fiels covered by the Network.