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From 20 to 22 September 2018, the Turkish Creative City of Gastronomy held a first edition of Gastroantep, the very first International Gastronomy Festival in Gaziantep. The festival was organized as part of Gaziantep’s action plan towards implementing the UNESCO Creative Cities Network mission. It brought together stakeholders of the gastronomy field, and of the cultural and creative sector at large.
Throughout the world, the food industry is a dynamic sector, providing social and economic benefits. However, despite its importance, many countries are facing culinary skills shortage. Youth4Food is the abbreviation for the ‘Youth in action for a creative and sustainable gastronomy’ initiative.
From 5 to 7 December, Gaziantep, Turkey, a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, hosted a research workshop on the “History of Food Culture Based Relations on the Silk Road”. The meeting brought together Gaziantep and other Creative Cities of Gastronomy located on the Silk Road – namely Chengdu and Shunde (China), Rasht (Iran [Islamic Republic of]) and Jeonju (Republic of Korea) – as well as experts, academics, notably from the UNESCO Silk Road Platform, and representatives of local authorities.