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Nassau is proud to launch the SeaWords Bahamas ALIV, a literary festival entirely dedicated to the celebration of writing. The event will take place in November and will highlight strategies to drive the creative industries in The Bahamas by promoting literature as an art form and as a key creative industry with the power to bring valuable diversification to the Bahamian economy.
From 17 to 21 October, the Creative City of Nassau, led by Creative Nassau, participated in its peer's International Ceramics Fair, Jingdezhen, whose event is world renowned. 
Nassau, the first and only UNESCO Creative City in the Bahamas, redoubles its efforts toward integrating culture and creativity within its plans of urban regeneration. Resulting from a collaboration between the Inter-American Development Bank and Creative Nassau, forming together the Nassau Urban Lab, the “Central Nassau Urban Regeneration Plan” aims at utilizing Central Nassau’s natural and cultural assets to rejuvenate this area and create an economically successful, sustainable, diverse and interconnected community.
Design works created by 50 students aged between 9 and 14 years during a Summer Art Workshop have been showcased in Nassau (Bahamas) during the month of September 2015. The workshop and the exhibition “Positive Energy for Positive Change” were sponsored by the Bahamas Country Office of the Inter-American Development Bank with the aim of improving lives by engaging in local communities.