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Saint-Étienne and Nagoya, both Creative Cities of Design, have undertaken in June 2015 an inter-city project for two textile designers to meet: Maki Takahashi from Nagoya and Hélène Jospé from Saint-Étienne. 
In spring 2015, Soichiro Kimura, director of the Japanese association of Nagoya “Arts Bridge Cities” (ABC), initiates the project “Utopia in the Cloud” thanks to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.
Following the IX UCCN Annual Meeting in Kanazawa (Japan), the city of Nagoya hosts a UCCN’s Sub-Network of Design meeting in the framework of an International Design Forum. Held at the city’s International Design Center on 29-31 May 2015, this forum offers a unique opportunity to discuss how Cities of Design, with their various cultural and historical backgrounds and differing social fabrics, can build integrative and inclusive relations with and for their citizens.