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From 8 to 25 November, Hamamatsu, Creative City of Music in Japan, will organize the 10th edition of its International Piano Competition. Held every three years since 1991, the competition has welcomed prominent pianists, including Seong-Jin Cho, award-winner in 2009, who was also awarded at the international Chopin Piano Competition in 2015. Renowned piano teachers also participate in Hamamatsu International Piano Competition.
From 12 to 16 December, Hamamatsu will be hosting the 2016 edition of the Sound Design Symposium. This event falls under Hamamatsu’s membership to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of Music.
From 3 to 6 November, Hamamatsu will be hosting the 2016 edition of the World Music Festival, organized in cooperation with 12 other Creative Cities of Music: Adelaide, Bologna, Brazzaville, Ghent, Hanover, Idanha-a-Nova, Katowice, Kingston, Liverpool, Mannheim, Salvador, Seville, and Tongyeong. This unique music festival opens its line-up to the world’s musical genres and instruments from diverse cultures, so as to promote cultural diversity and the limitless potential of music to nurture social cohesion and intercultural dialogue.
Hamamatsu (Japan) will hold the “2015 World Creative City Forum in Hamamatsu” from on 4 to 5 December 2015.  UNESCO Creative Cities of Music will gather in Hamamatsu to present case studies at the global level during the 2-day Forum. Mr. Jack Lang, former France’s Minister of Culture, will participate as the keynote speaker joined by Mr. Koichiro Matsuura, former Director-General of UNESCO, who will present a special session on the realization of cultural diversity through music.
Held every three years in Hamamatsu (Japan), Creative City of Music, from November 21st to December 8th 2015, the 9th Hamamatsu International Piano Competition will gather young pianist from different countries and bring them to a world level stage. After the fierce competitive pre-selection, 87 applicants from 21 countries have been approved as competitors for the 1st Stage.