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Busan, in Korea, organizes and host the 2018 Busan Residency Film Production Project and the UNESCO Busan Inter-City Film Festival, in cooperation with the Creative Cities of Film Santos and Bitola.
Busan invites the UNESCO Creative Cities of Film to nominate one filmmaker from each city to participate in a three week collaborative filmmaking residency. From 24 April to 11 May, this inter-city session featuring cinematic representatives from the other Creative Cities of Film will be a unique opportunity to display the collaborative spirit and unity that bonds together the members of the Network.
From 18 to 21 November, the 18th edition of the Independent Film Festival of Busan, which was launched in 1999, has screened 56 films of the most renowned and promising directors of the independent genre in the Republic of Korea and across the world. The screenings were held at Busan Cinema Center and other city's theaters.