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Art students from Taylor High School, a member of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet), traveled to Paducah, a UNESCO Creative City of Crafts & Folk Art, for an immersive study tour. The UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) consists of over 11,500 ASPnet member schools in 182 countries working in support of international understanding, peace, intercultural dialogue, sustainable development, and quality education.
When Paducah ceramist and arts educator Mitch Kimball participated in the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen in 2018, he sought to make connections. This networking and representation of Paducah led to a mutual exchange when Paducah Arts Alliance welcomed father/son duo Ma Xinkai and Ma Mingkui for a two-week Artists-in-Residence Programme in Paducah, USA.
On 25 March 2019, Kütahya Adult Education Institute will launch a museum and an exhibition in celebration of the 408th birthday of Evliya Çelebi.
Isfahan, Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art, has launched its Handicraft Winter School on 20 January 2019. During a two-week day event, short-term training courses in design and artisanship were provided to the women of the Iranian city. With its more than 190 fields of handicrafts, the preservation of local traditions and the development of the creative sector have always been an economic and social priority for Isfahan.
From 1 to 8 February, Kütahya, UNESCO Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art, will be presenting “The Cradle of Foundation: Domaniç Exhibition” in Ankara, Turkey. The event represents one of the outcomes of a project undertaken by Kütayha in Domaniç, located in Kütahya province.
Gabrovo is a city with a rich cultural history, a guardian of traditional crafts and folk art in Bulgaria, with singular humour tradition; that have successfully contributed to the city’s development through culture. The local community is particularly engaged to protect and promote crafts and folk art and recognizes its transversal potential for development, covering notably the fields of economy and education.
From 20 to 22 December, the Iranian UNESCO Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art will be the host of a first international exhibition on creative industries, covering various fields of culture and creativity including heritage, visual arts and information media.
The Bulgarian Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art will organize the 17th edition of its International Fair of Traditional Crafts, to be held from 6 to 8 September 2019 at the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum (Etar).
On 19 and 20 November, the Turkish Creative City of Kütahya will be hosting the first International Ahmet Yakupoğlu City, Art and Design Symposium. The event will be interdisciplinary and will cover the fields of art, design, city, history, architecture, miniature and urban aesthetics. For its first edition, a focus will be put on the life and work of painter Ahmet Yakupoğlu and the identity of the city of Kütahya.
Until 10 December, Porto-Novo, Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art in Benin, invites the scientific community to submit contributions around the theme “Divinatory systems in Africa in a context of globalization: issues and perspectives”. The selected reflection papers will be presented at the Scientific Symposium of the third edition of the Porto-Novo International Festival to be held on 7 and 8 January 2019.