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Nassau is proud to launch the SeaWords Bahamas ALIV, a literary festival entirely dedicated to the celebration of writing. The event will take place in November and will highlight strategies to drive the creative industries in The Bahamas by promoting literature as an art form and as a key creative industry with the power to bring valuable diversification to the Bahamian economy.
With its more than 190 expressions of handicrafts know-how, the city of Isfahan is a point of reference in Iran and globally, as it was also nominated World City of Handicraft by the World Crafts Council (WCC).
Bologna, along with eight other Italian creative cities: Milan, Pesaro, Rome, Torino, Carrara, Fabriano,
Bologna, along with eight other Italian creative cities: Milan, Pesaro, Rome, Torino, Carrara, Fabriano,
Using video recordings of local artisans, the town of Chordeleg hopes to safeguard and teach the community about the ancestral artisan trade. By reinforcing the transmission of ancestral knowledge from older adults to the younger generations of artisans, this creative approach to heritage and culture protection is an innovative testimony of how community-led efforts contribute to shaping a more inclusive and resilient society.
In Gabrovo, the citizens are not only fighting to keep their heritage alive within the local community, but nationwide. The “Take me in your village” initiative was kick-started in 2013 by a local university student hoping to maintain the traditions of life in Gabrovo by giving the elderly-rural generation and young-urban generation an opportunity to experience life through one another’s eyes.
Encouraging development and progress is the empowering theme behind the ‘Downtown Cairo’ project. Although once a vibrant and affluent area, Cairo in recent years has fallen into a state of deterioration. In a united effort, the government, local business, the Ministry of Tourism and local residents have joined forces to implement a variety of changes aimed at rejuvenating and stabilising the area.
In recent years, recycling has become a prominent part of everyday life. Governments and companies are constantly looking for new ways to reduce environmental damage and drive sustainable living. However, despite these efforts, there is a vast amount of material waste and byproducts that currently cannot be efficiently recycled.
Although Ouagadougou is home to numerous talented and creative individuals, its creative sector faces a number of challenges. In 2011, an initiative was launched with the goal of providing the much-needed infrastructure and management support required in order to make the sector grow and become economically sustainable.
The Popular Heritage Forum is an important event in Cairo, as it offers the opportunity to exchange expertise between artisans and students and to build partnerships between the talented Egyptian craftsmen and the public sector. The aim of the event is to improve citizens’ access to cultural life and strengthen dissemination of cultural activities, goods and services.