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Between October 2018 and March 2019, the Open Streets Days, which entail the temporary closure of a major street in Cape Town, will encourage residents of the South African city to use and take ownership of streets as public spaces. This will happen on the last Sunday of each month – with the exception of December – to create a new mindset around urban mobility, to create shared spaces that embody respect and help to bridge the social and spatial divides in the city.
On 17 June, Bilbao successfully concluded the 2018 edition of its  International Art & Fashion (BIAAF), one of the most important international fashion and design contests in Europe.  It has today become an international reference for emerging design and has hosted for its 2018 edition more than 1,600 participants coming from 90 different countries for showcasing their creations.
Bologna, along with eight other Italian creative cities: Milan, Pesaro, Rome, Torino, Carrara, Fabriano,
The imagination of children sometimes goes beyond the realms of reality and challenges conventional thinking. In order to foster such creativity, Chibikkobe was created. Chibikkobe is every child’s dream-come-true; it is a city exclusively for children, designed by children. A place dedicated to creative activities where children develop and learn new skills alongside professionals of several areas.
In collaboration with the University of Montreal, the Tapiskwan initiative was launched in 2013 by the Atikamekw Nation Council. Supporting creative, social and economic development within the villages of Manawan and Wemotaci in the province of Quebec, every year a workshop is held to celebrate the traditions and culture of the Atikamekw Aboriginal community through design and crafts.
In March 2017, the city of Saint-Etienne staged a month long regeneration project focusing on the development of La République Street. Aligned with the International Biennial of Design, the city funded the restoration of 20 commercial buildings with the hope of transforming the street into a thriving area providing social and economic benefit.
The Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF) is a collaborative-hub facilitating the exchange of creative ideas and knowledge, aimed at encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives and promoting the creative sector within Bandung. This independent group of volunteers is a catalyst for generating low-cost, effective improvements and urban solutions for local issues.
For the 10th time, Designmonat Graz, a four-week festival for the development of urban design, is transforming the city into a vibrant meeting point for creative practitioners, receiving almost 100.000 visitors per year. The festival will start on May 4th with an opening event, the launch of the Designers’ night and an introduction of the theme of the 2018 edition: tolerance.
On 12 April, Detroit, Creative City of Design, led by Design Core Detroit – formerly Detroit Creative Corridor Center – has unveiled the Detroit City of Design Action Plan, which aims to drive inclusive growth through 2025. The Action Plan, which includes a vision, strategy and recommendations, is the final outcome of the organization’s year-long process to activate Detroit’s UNESCO City of Design designation.
Fifteen Seconds Festival started in 2014 as a conference to explore the contemporary trends in the field of marketing. Today, the event has turned into an interdisciplinary business festival which gathers thinkers and practitioners from all around the world. This is why, the 2017 edition, over 4100 curious visitors decided to join Fifteen Seconds Festival and came to Graz to explore the city and its local creative innovation.