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On 12 April, Detroit, Creative City of Design, led by Design Core Detroit – formerly Detroit Creative Corridor Center – has unveiled the Detroit City of Design Action Plan, which aims to drive inclusive growth through 2025. The Action Plan, which includes a vision, strategy and recommendations, is the final outcome of the organization’s year-long process to activate Detroit’s UNESCO City of Design designation.
Fifteen Seconds Festival started in 2014 as a conference to explore the contemporary trends in the field of marketing. Today, the event has turned into an interdisciplinary business festival which gathers thinkers and practitioners from all around the world. This is why, the 2017 edition, over 4100 curious visitors decided to join Fifteen Seconds Festival and came to Graz to explore the city and its local creative innovation.
In April, four musicians from Bologna will be in Hannover to perform at the Klangbrücken Festival, an acclaimed event dedicated to the discovery of  contemporary music. Organized by the Nordstandt-Konzert and the prestigious Chamber Orchestra of Hannover, the event is also supported by the municipalities of the two cities.
The Creative City of Music of Praia has an extremely rich cultural agenda for April 2018 and is delighted to share it with the Network.
The A-Cappella-Week of Hannover is a well-known event which offers the opportunity to local and international ensembles of singers to perform in the suggestive environment of the German Creative City of Music. The city actively supports and promotes international cultural exchanges in the field of music. In this aim, the event help to understand and promote different interpretations of a-cappella music.
‘In My Neighbourhood’ is a collaborative project between the UNESCO Creative Cities of Singapore City of Design, Adelaide City of Music, Melbourne City of Literature and Sydney City of Film. The project was an initiative of Australia-Singapore Arts Group to encourage and develop links between Singapore and Australia.  Selected Australian creative talents traveled to Singapore to attend the Design Singapore Council’s Singapore Design Week 2018, to present and workshop their creative ideas around the theme and Inclusive Design.
Since its designation in 2015, Santos, Creative City of Film has been able to combine technological innovation, cultural diversity and urban sustainable development through its wide range of initiatives. In particular, the city showed how creativity plays a key role for urban renewal and inclusion of vulnerable groups and community empowerment in its Film festival CulturalMente as well as in the recycling center called Creative Ecofactory.  
The Popular Heritage Forum is an important event in Cairo, as it offers the opportunity to exchange expertise between artisans and students and to build partnerships between the talented Egyptian craftsmen and the public sector. The aim of the event is to improve citizens’ access to cultural life and strengthen dissemination of cultural activities, goods and services.  
City of Design Kobe Creative Council gets ready to launch an experimental event intended to create and promote the dissemination of new forms of culture.
Kaunas, Creative City of Design,is well-known for the Modernist architecture that has shaped the urban landscape of the city since the first half of the XX century in Lithuania. The great physical heritage of the Modernist Movement does not only represent the rich cultural past, but it impacts every day’s life of its citizens and their sense of belonging to the city.