About the Creative City: 

As an important maritime city in the north of Chile, Valparaíso is recognized for its colours and outstanding views. Situated facing the Pacific Ocean, it has been marked by a strong history of cultural exchange, creativity and innovation. The city has positioned itself as a pole of innovation and entrepreneurship at the national level. Attracted by the remarkable landscape, Valparaíso has been home to a number of famous artists, musicians and influential people including the Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda. Thanks to an increase in creative funding, the city has developed into a vibrant artist and musical hub, with regional sales in the music sector growing at a rate of 20%. At a local level, it is estimated that public and private investment in the music field exceeds UD$ 10 million, turning its accomplished music industry into a tourist attraction for both national and international listeners.

Each year more than 50 festivals and artistic events are held in the city, converting it into a creative pole that nurtures artists from all over the world. Working together, institutions such as the Citizens Cultural Congress and the Latin Americana Music Industry Encounter, host conferences oriented towards the development of the industry based on the formation and creation of management networks and models for exchange and circulation. Such events not only emphasize the importance of working together to tackle issues within the industry but also highlight the city's commitment to its music and its artists.

To further support growth within the music industry, the regional strategic programme, Valparaíso Creativo, focuses on the creative industries and heritage, as well as creative tourism. Since 2017, it has articulated and strengthened the regional creative ecosystem and, since 2018, has had a special focus on the city’s music ecosystem through implementing a number of initiatives, including the Escuelas de Rock y Música Popular programme and the Industria Musical de Valparaíso (IMUVA). The schemes supports and develops the local artists and takes into account the processes of artistic education and management for musicians among others.

Added Value: 

As a Creative City of Music, Valparaiso envisages:

  • actively collaborating with other Creative Cities in their different creative fields and strengthening the international cooperation between Latin American cities that place music as the central axis for development;
  • improving access to cultural participation, specifically in the area of music, for youth from public schools with high rates of vulnerability;
  • creating public policies that support music, and including the creation of the Citizens Music Council in Valparaíso’s plan for communal development; and
  • working collaboratively with other Chilean music cities in the creation of public initiatives associated with the development and strengthening of musical policies.
Member since: 
Carolina Ibañez K., Focal point of Valparaíso, carolina.ibanez@munivalpo.cl