About the Creative City: 
Located on the south coast of the province of Santi Spíritus, Trinidad is a city with a rich industrious history and quintessential charm. Crafts and folk art trades have remained a vital source of income for many of its inhabitants, predominantly the creation of fibre fabrics. Today, much of the exquisite craftwork remains intact, preserved inside the homes of local inhabitants and inherited from one generation to another. The industry now continues to flourish, generating nearly US$ 500,000 towards the public sector.
Throughout the year, Trinidad organizes a number of exhibitions and fairs to promote the evolution and knowledge in the different craft fields. Specialist art markets are also hosted on commemorative dates, such as San Valentine’s day and Mother’s Day, providing platforms for artisans from all over the country to showcase their products and collaborate with fellow craftspeople. In conjunction with these seasonal events, a permanent exhibition displaying local crafts made by Magalis Ramírez and Lucía Jiménez not only invites visitors to observe local creative work and converse with the artists, but also offers summer courses for those wishing to develop their own creative talents.
The development of Trinidad’s handicrafts industry is strengthened by Goal 8 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Gender equality is a focal point, promoting female artisans and highlighting their commitment to the crafts and folk art sector. Workshops and craft schools have been set up, inviting the younger generation to learn about the traditional arts and crafts, as well as allowing them to explore new technologies which have the potential to increase productivity while continuing with the ancestral techniques. Furthermore, the city also offers a capacity building programme at the School of Trades of Restoration where young people from marginalized social backgrounds come together to augment their creative skills and professional competency to be able to better integrate them into the social cultural fabric of the city.


Added Value: 
As a Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art, Trinidad envisages:
  • strengthening Trinitarian craftspersonship by reinforcing the creation, production, distribution and dissemination of cultural activities, goods and services;
  • exchanging knowledge, experiences and the best practices of Trinitarian artisans within the Network, and strengthening international cooperation between the Creative Cities of Crafts and Folk Art;
  • organizing workshops for socially disadvantaged groups to benefit the cultural goods and services; and
  • integrating culture and creativity to local development plans and policies.
Member since: 
Duznel Zerquera Amador, Director, Office of the Conservation of the City of Trinidad and the Valley of the Sugar Mills creative.city.trinidad@gmail.com