About the Creative City: 

Suzhou is situated in the Yangtze River Delta on the west shore of the Pacific Ocean. The first evidence of settlement dates back more than 2,500 years. Suzhou is home to a number of impressive historical sites, including the city’s numerous temples and its Classical Gardens, which have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.    

Pilot city of the unique “Chinese Ethnic and Folk Culture Protection Project”, Shuzhou is known for its traditional handicrafts involving paintings and calligraphic art. Recognized for their elegance and beauty, calligraphy, carving and embroidery are of particular importance to the people of Suzhou.

Building on these traditions, Suzhou is focusing on fostering creativity and promoting the integration of its renowned history and culture together with tourism, innovative businesses, technology, fashion and other creative domains. An innovative metropolis and an important business center, Suzhou is striving to build itself into a hub of international talents, industries and information.

Added Value: 

As a Creative City of Crafts and Folk Arts, Suzhou envisages:

  • proposing a wide range of pilot projects which increase the accessibility to cultural life and cultural products;
  • fostering innovation in the manufacturing, distribution and sharing of cultural products;
  • strengthening the whole creative industry production chain;
  • improving the visibility of creative projects in the city’s urban spaces; and
  • strengthening the creative industries and further incorporating them into Suzhou’s development plans.
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Yayun Wang, Suzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management Office, uccn_suzhou@163.com