About the Creative City: 

In Sapporo, Media Arts are not confined within the walls of art museums. Rather, they thrive throughout the city, expressing Sapporo’s cultural diversity. Thanks to digital media and their democratizing effect, the inaccessibility that has traditionally existed in cultural expressions such as music, publishing and broadcasting is being dismantled and the means of expression are becoming widely available to the general public.

The city is home to the Sapporo Concert Hall “Kitara”, reputed to be Japan’s best in terms of acoustics as well as the Sapporo Art Park, a vast artistic space including, among other facilities, the Sapporo Art Museum.

Sapporo’s increasingly active and growing citizen-generated media landscape is nurtured by the city's cultural openness and pioneering spirit. Additionally, Sapporo fully exploits ICTs, digital content and contemporary social media. The creative sector related to social and mobile media is very well developed in the city. As the birthplace of Hatsune Miku, an internationally popular Vocaloid singing synthesizer software, Sapporo has a high concentration of leading creators of contemporary Japanese youth culture. In summary, Sapporo is an active production centre of media arts.

Added Value: 

As a Creative City of Media Arts, Sapporo envisages:

  • engaging in global exchange with other cities and encouraging creative pursuits by fostering domestic enterprises and further developing the media arts. Media arts-based urban revitalization projects and industrial promotion initiatives applicable to other creative cities will be promoted;
  • supporting other Creative Cities by sharing the success stories of Sapporo-based entrepreneurs who are active in industries that support consumer-generated media (CGM) and user-generated content (UGC), such as the founders of software companies, leaders of demand-led economic activities, and next-generation creators of Media Arts;
  • further promoting citizen-generated media and content development that will lead to globally marketable CGM products; and
  • applying Media Arts in various ways in order to attract more visitors to Sapporo and strengthen the city’s tourism industry. 
Member since: 
Sasaki Kazunori, Manager, Project Coordination, Community & Cultural Promotion Bureau, creativecity@city.sapporo.jp
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