About the Creative City: 

The Italian seaside city facing the Adriatic Sea, Pesaro (pop. 100,000) cultivates a deep music tradition. Native city of Gioachino Rossini, composer of The Barber of Seville and William Tell, Pesaro has greatly contributed to shaping the history of opera. The Conservatorio Statale di Musica, established in honour of Rossini, is one of the oldest and most prestigious conservatories in Italy. Pesaro accounts for more than 700 musicians, as well as 40 musical ensembles, including orchestras, bands and choirs.

Pesaro's history in musical theatre has helped develop synergies between different genres and with other art forms. The renowned Rossini Opera Festival (ROF) brings together the conservation of its operatic heritage with experimentation in contemporary language and formats. Villa'n'Roll, From Pesaro With Love and ZoeMicro are all festivals designed to promote independent pop and rock music. LEMS, established within the Conservatory in 1971, represents a unique historical testimony of Italian and international experimentation in new forms of music. SPACE, inaugurated in 2013, is a facility for advanced sound research dedicated to experimentation and production in 3D sound.

The Municipality, in collaboration with other state institutions and private partners, has developed a series of mechanisms for promoting young talents through national and international events and competitions. The Giovani in Crescendo (Young People in Crescendo) is an international music competition for all types of schools and involves 13 Italian regions. In addition, the Municipality has encouraged the States-General of Tourism to use music as a strategic driver of economic development, and has initiated an intense dialogue between artists, start-ups, and public and private backers. The triennial programme of Pesaro's events and festivals was also launched to develop an integrated system of cultural services and to bring to life new business models in the cultural field.


Added Value: 

As a Creative City of Music, Pesaro envisages:

  • repurposing a disused historical building as a multi-use space of hosting fully-equipped classrooms for students and facilities for professionals, amateurs, artists and researchers, addressing the local musical community's needs;
  • creating employment opportunities through a training programme based on the combination of tradition, creativity and new technology, developed in collaboration with local craft businesses and musical associations;
  • building a mobile ambisonic studio for experiencing 3D multimedia content to promote scientific musical research to a wider audience;
  • designing new sensorial amplification tools for people affected by reduced perceptual ability;
  • forging partnerships with other Creative Cities, in particular within the Adriatic-Ionian area, pursuing music projects as a social, cultural and economic driving force; and
  • supporting international exchange for the revitalization of musical theatre and know-how.


Member since: 
Paola Nonni, Municipality of Pesaro, Head of Culture and Tourism Department, cittàdellamusica@comune.pesaro.pu.it