About the Creative City: 

As an integral part of its urban development plan, the city of London,in Canada,intends to use its cultural and creative assets strategically. The social, economic and cultural value of its local music scene is recognized and threaded into the fabric of the city’s activities and promoted by the London Chamber of Commerce. Music events support multiple sectors of London's workforce and diversify the economy, demonstrating the importance of music to the city. Indeed, London boasts 15 recording studios and is home to award winning recording engineers and producers. The sector contributes almost USD 4 million from sound recordings and over USD 700,000 in music publishing annually to London's GDP. Live music is a driving force for the local music sector as more than 50 music venues hosted 4,740 live music events in 2018 contributing USD 11 million paid in staff wages through 963 reported jobs.

Added Value: 

As a Creative City of Music, the following steps will be important:

● Working with the Chinese Canadian National Council to grow music friendly cities through knowledge sharing, development of music strategies and the implementation of future music offices in other cities;

● Hosting educational programmes and workshops devoted to growing talent and skill building;

● Using music to bring people together, break down barriers, engage youth and marginalized communities;

● Offering opportunities for collaboration with song writing projects, residencies, showcase performances and music city forums; and

● Strengthening London’s Creative Hub.

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