About the Creative City: 

Using an approach that is both collaborative and practical, Helsinki uses design to improve city life. In its efforts to create a better city, Helsinki calls on the creativity of designers to imagine innovative ways of focusing on human needs. By following this approach, Helsinki is proud to say that the city is being created through the creativity of its people.

As Creative City of Design, Helsinki will continue to develop educational opportunities related to design in the primary schools and through recreational activities.

For Helsinki, design is a strategic tool in building an open city. The availability of public information increases citizens’ understanding of their living environments. This, in turn, helps citizens become more involved in city life and allows designers and developers to use this data to create services that meet users’ needs. The city’s belief that good design should be available to everyone is illustrated in the integration of design in the local transport system through practical metro seats which were designed in collaboration with the users.  

Added Value: 

As a Creative City of Design, Helsinki envisages:

  • sharing its experiences in public sector design services: Helsinki has been using design in public sector service development for several years and has hired three “city designers” to help the city integrate design into its services;
  • developing a more open and transparent city: Through the present, Helsinki has opened more than 1,100 datasets as open data. One of the key developments in increasing transparency in the administration has been publishing the city’s procurement and decision making data; and
  • improving design-related educational opportunities: Helsinki continues enhancing educational tools that help children use design and understand how design works.   
Member since: 
Meri Virta, Helsinki Lab, City of Helsinki, city.helsinki@hel.fi