About the Creative City: 

Hamamatsu is a city known for its vibrant music sector. Renowned musical instrument companies such as Yamaha, Kawai, and Roland were founded in Hamamatsu. Brilliant musicians perform every year at the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition and the Shizuoka International Opera Competition, both of which are affiliated with the World Federation of International Music Competitions. Music festivals and traditional performing arts events are also organized throughout the year.

Hamamatsu is also home to the Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments, a unique institution offering a view on humanity and culture through an exceptional collection of musical instruments from around the world. Hamamatsu’s workshops, concerts and record productions, in addition to the city’s research on domestic and international music culture and instruments, have also received critical acclaim.

Training courses for professional musicians and artists, as well as activities preserving and promoting traditional performing arts, are offered throughout the city. The Hamamatsu Academy of Music, for example, implements wide-ranging music-related projects, raises public interest in music and supports future performers, instructors and concert hosts; and the Shizuoka University of Art and Culture offers courses in music management, which includes instruction on planning and producing concerts as well as in concert hall management.

Added Value: 

As a Creative City of Music, Hamamatsu envisages:

  • promoting international exchange such as international music events;
  • fostering cross-cultural understanding and cultural diversity through music in collaboration with the Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments;
  • supporting musical talents through international cultural exchange with other Cities of Music;
  • offering musicians and performers opportunities to train and demonstrate their skills; and
  • setting up projects involving Hamamatsu’s sound design sector with Cities of Design or Media Arts in order to establish connections between the creative industries.
Member since: 
Mitsuo Suzuki , Director for Creative City Promotion, Hamamatsu City, souzoutoshi@city.hamamatsu.shizuoka.jp