About the Creative City: 

With unique features including a waterfront and beach seascape, Gdynia is a city that captivates with its youthful energy, delights with its nature and modernist architecture. Gdynia lives and breathes culture and art. Its identity, community, and spirit are expressed through film. Often called the 'Seaside Capital of Film', it consistently builds on its position in the international arena, while not forgetting that the inhabitants create the city. The city actively pursues strategies for developing film culture. It is now home to the Polish Film Festival – one of the oldest film events in Europe, promoting Polish cinema widely. The Gdynia Film Centre is also unique in the film landscape, with its pillar activities including the Gdynia Film School, Studio Cinema, festivals, and film events. The city is home to over 130 companies and institutions operating in the film industry. Film drives the city's socio-economic development.

Added Value: 

As a Creative City of Film, the following steps will be important: 

  • Strengthening cooperation between different institutional levels, through meetings, consultations, and round tables held by the Gdynia Film Centre;
  • Conducting research with other partners in the Network;
  • Establishing international talent development platforms, cross-sectoral projects, as well as global expos, in order to broaden and support the global creative industries, set up exchange networks and share best practices;
  • Creating policies that support entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation;
  • Ensuring education at every level and the professionalization of the sector; and
  • Strengthening the creation and dissemination of culture and arts, and improving access to and participation in cultural life.
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