About the Creative City: 
Both an outpost facing west towards the Americas and a gateway to Europe, Galway stands at a pivotal vantage point on the West Coast of Ireland. Galway’s historic Spanish Arch, the remainder of a centuries-old bastion, is a reminder of the city’s multi-cultural, multi-lingual history and present-day character where imagination, commerce and the arts flourish.
The surrounding landscape, culture and language have attracted artists, musicians and writers for generations. In recent decades Galway has seen the rise of a burgeoning film, television and animation sector, bringing significant economic activity to the area. Galway is expanding its film audiences by building Galway’s first Art House Cinema and by supporting the development of the city’s film festivals and increasing the opportunities for film exhibitions in the region.
Galway’s overall vision is to showcase the rich heritage, tradition and legacy of film in the area, to broaden ongoing film activities and to enrich the social, economic and cultural contributions across the region.
Added Value: 

As a Creative City of Film, Galway envisages:

  • encouraging participation in and access to film-related events notably through community involvement in the documentary film process;
  • embedding film into its civic life and ensuring that regional creative industries contribute to local and national development plans;
  • extending Galway’s capacity for future productions;
  • creating a Film Commission to help local and incoming production companies;
  • enhancing media literacy and creative practices through working with teachers and schools on pilot programs and workshops.
  • increasing opportunities for film education and training for primary, secondary and post-graduate  school students as well as industry professionals;
  • establishing sustainable local, national and international partnerships including student exchanges and film co-productions; and
  • promoting cultural tourism as well as protecting and expanding the city’s film heritage and archives.
Member since: 
Mr Alan Duggan, Director, Galway Film Centre, creative_city_galway@galwayfilmcentre.ie