SetUp Contemporary Art Fair in Bologna invites artists from UCCN

SetUp Contemporary Art Fair in Bologna invites artists from UCCN

Fri, 01/29/2016 to Sun, 01/31/2016

From 28 to 31 January 2016, IncrediBOL! – Bologna's Creative Innovation – and Bologna UNESCO City of Music will be inviting two artists from the UNESCO Creative Cities Network to take part in the SetUp Contemporary Art Fair and explore the topic of “Creative spillover”, in its meaning of contamination between art, traditional economic sectors and contemporary social issues.

Lea Pruykemaquere, artist from Saint-Étienne, Creative City for Design, with the art installation “Insect Beauty”, explores the relationship between design, art and topics connected to nutrition.

Sandro Tiberi, from Fabriano, Creative City for Crafts and Folk Art, with his “Contaminazioni” (Contaminations), works between craftsmanship, paper industry and art.

SetUp Contemporary Art Fair is a a peculiar and independent art fair, set in the unusual space of the city bus station, is focusing on emerging artists and takes place during the period “ArteFiera”.

The theme of the 2016’s edition of Set Up is “Orientation”. The City of Bologna, as part of the Creative SpIN project, aiming at promoting dialogue between the artistic, cultural, creative sector and the traditional sectors, has invited all the UNESCO Creative Cities to present one or more artists, galleries or subjects that explore the theme of “Creative spillover”, i.e. how art can orient and have an impact on research and development of new processes, products or services and on the economy of the city life.

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