Parma welcomes 13 Creative Cities of Gastronomy to a sub-network meeting

Parma welcomes 13 Creative Cities of Gastronomy to a sub-network meeting

Mon, 05/09/2016 to Thu, 05/12/2016

On the occasion of Cibus 2016, the 18th International Food Exhibition, and the World Food Research and Innovation Forum to be held from 9 to 12 May, Parma will be hosting a sub-network meeting, welcoming 13 Creative Cities of Gastronomy. This will be a unique opportunity to enhance cooperation and joint initiatives between the Creative Cities of Gastronomy, as well as to foster synergies between the seven creative fiels covered by the Network. The 13 Creative Cities of Gastronomy of Bélem, Bergen, Burgos, Chengdu, Dénia, Gaziantep, Jeonju, Östersund, Phuket, Rasht, Shunde, Tsuruoka, Tucson, as well as the 4 Italian Creative Cities of Bologna (Music), Fabriano (Crafts and Folk Art), Roma (Film) and Torino (Design) are invited to attend the meeting. 

This sub-network meeting will represent a key platform of dialogue to exchange experiences and perspectives between Creative Cities of a common creative field, notably through a working session. This meeting will give Parma the opportunity to present the city through a 360° experience building cross-cutting approaches between art, music and gastronomy. Besides Cibus and the World Food Forum, the delegations will be invited to visit the landmarks of the city's vitaly in the field of Gastronomy, including Alma, the International School of Italian Cuisine located in the Royal Palace in Colorno, as well as the Academia Barilla. 

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