Košice Art & Tech Days

Košice Art & Tech Days

Mon, 11/19/2018 to Sat, 11/24/2018

Art & Tech Days is an annual festival dedicated to media arts, technology and digital culture held in Košice, UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts in Slovakia. The festival invites artists, scientists, professionals and entrepreneurs to share their thoughts and knowledge on a particular topic during the festival’s programme, Art & Tech Conference, numerous workshops, networking activities and artistic programme.

The festival is designed as a pilot event launched by the Creative City of Košice. It provides a space to foster discussions and collaborations with the objective to bridge the gap between private and public sectors, to opens up to the youth as well as experts and representatives from vulnerable groups.

The second edition of festival, held from 19 to 24 November 2018, offered insights into the issues of Artificial Intelligence from the neurological, artistic, urbanistic and technological point of view and emphasized its interdisciplinary nature.

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