Jinju Folk Arts Biennale opens its doors for Creative Cities

Jinju Folk Arts Biennale opens its doors for Creative Cities

Sat, 10/15/2022 to Sat, 10/22/2022

Drawing on its thousand-year-old tradition in the field of crafts and folk art, Jinju, a UNESCO Creative City since 2019, will host the 2022 Jinju World Folk Arts Biennale (JWFB) from 15 to 22 October.

Under the theme “Diversity, Foundation of Creativity”, the Biennale will seek to highlight the sharing of experiences and good practices between member cities of the Network, artists and other relevant stakeholders.

On this occasion, a number of representatives from other UNESCO Creative Cities of Crafts and Folk Art, including Sukhothai, Paducah, Ouagadougou, Baguio City, Bida and Aswan, as well as Ambon, a Creative City of Music, will take an active role in the Biennale. The opening ceremony on 15 and 16 October will feature two folk arts related cultural performances from the aforementioned seven member cities.

The Biennale will also provide artists with a platform for exchange and collaboration. They will have the opportunity to part take in thematic workshops and collaborate with their counterparts to create artistic performances that will be showcased during the closing ceremony.

In addition, to foster access to cultural activities for rural or underprivileged communities, three creative performances will take place in public venues located in the countryside or disadvantaged areas.

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