‘Festival of Hope’ on literary creativity in Lviv

‘Festival of Hope’ on literary creativity in Lviv

Thu, 04/23/2020 to Thu, 04/30/2020

Lviv, a UNESCO Creative City of Literature, in Ukraine, in partnership with the Versopolis Review, a platform of 30 European and other international poetry festivals, is organizing an online literary event ‘Festival of Hope’. 

Facing the COVID-19 outbreak, the Versopolis Review aims to create a unique transnational event to reflect, steer, demonstrate, poeticize, question and address the notions related to hope through literature.

The ‘Festival of Hope’ is an open feast of literary creativity in many forms. It aims to be a laboratory and a showcase of the most innovative approaches of how literature festivals and other intellectual institutions and enterprises across the continents envisage our common and interdependent future. With the vessels of literature and creativity, it will also be the opportunity to address the political, social, ecological and economic appropriation of the current crisis.

The festival will take place virtually with the participation of numerous international partners and contributors, through the Versopolis Review website.

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