"Expedition Poetry”: when literature crosses boarders

"Expedition Poetry”: when literature crosses boarders

Mon, 03/21/2022 to Mon, 11/14/2022

Two UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature, Melbourne (Australia) and Heidelberg (Germany) have launched their “Expedition Poetry” programme, an online writers’ room, connecting poets from both cities through the translation of their respective works.

Between March and November 2022, ten poets from Melbourne and Heidelberg will meet online and partake in a translation workshop composed of a series of meetings and discussions. The poets will be able to exchange, collaborate, and engage on original works and their translations.

The programme and its outcomes will culminate in the presentation of the translated works during Heidelberg Literature Days 2023. The original and translated poems will also be accessible through a digital publication and an online launch event for enhanced outreach.

Thanks to its online format, the “Expedition Poetry” programme provides a great opportunity for leading actors in the field of poetry to bridge physical distance and demonstrate the benefits of international collaboration, further fostering potential collaboration between the two cities. Furthermore, bringing together poets of different cultures and techniques will likely stimulate innovation and creativity in the field of literature, thus contributing to UCCN’s mission and objectives.

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