Curitiba’s Events Put Design, Innovation and Local Identity in the Spotlight

Curitiba’s Events Put Design, Innovation and Local Identity in the Spotlight

Tue, 08/22/2017

Since its designation in 2014 as a UNESCO Creative City of Design, Curitiba has redoubled its efforts in putting design and innovation at the core of its events and activities. Let’s take a closer look at some of the city’s initiatives.

“SouCuritiba” Souvenirs (I am Curitiba) is, since its inception in 2013, a creative economy project stimulating the development and production of innovative souvenirs, seizing the opportunities created by great events that boost and sustain the local creative economy. The project offers a wide range of quality souvenirs inspired on Curitiba’s identity, answering the needs of the touristic trade, which significantly widens opportunities for local producers. Since 2013, “SouCuritiba” has promoted technical, professional and personal capacity-building for more than 100 producers – such as designers, handcrafters, visual artists, advertising professionals among many others creative entrepreneurs – with the main objectives to bring Curitiba further, with innovation and creativity, and to foster genuine Curitiban identity and love for the City. Click to know more

“Conecta Engenho” is part of the actions of the Pinhão Valley, a project led by the City Hall and the Agência Curitiba to incentivize the innovation ecosystem of Curitiba; composed of universities, start-ups, co-workings, research institutions. The event took place in the beginning of April 2017 and consisted of “short talks” on themes such as innovation, design, sustainability, start-ups, new technologies and entrepreneurship. Click to know more

The “Arteria Fair” is a 2-day totally cost-free event held in June bringing together local designers and businesses in the Anita Building, iconic location of the city downtown. This year’s edition had seen the participation of more than 800 visitors came to discover works of 35 local designers including Hortelão – artisanal vegetable garden, Aryau Design, Marcelo Rizzi Musical Instruments, Maria Zen, Minimundos, Concretize, Jossti, Burocratas Stamps, Origamme, Casabau Architecture & Design, Aram, Raquel Pottery and Wall Done. Click to know more

“Manoo” is a manufactured and design handmade fair for independent local artists which promotes exchange of knowledge and know-how. This year’s edition was held on 3-4 June and attracted no less than 3,000 people. The fair offers a thousand independent producers the opportunity to make discover and sell their works and products in a unique place mixing design, music and gastronomy, and aims to encourage local production and direct sales. Click to know more

The 7th National Furniture Sector Congress was held in September 2016 and was promoted by the Paraná State Industry Federation. The event displays the main innovations and new trends of the furniture sector. It also works as a site to discuss the tendencies and transformations of the national furniture market. The next edition will be held from 21 to 22 September 2017. Click to know more

“12 Beers” was presented for its third edition in August 2017 and is completely dedicated to locally-brewed beer. The event invites its participants to a remake of Edgar Wright’s “The World’s End”, starring the British actor Simon Pegg, by following a 12-steps tasting circuit. An convivial way to bring to the fore the work of local artisans. Click to know more

The “Italian Design Day” had for this year’s edition chosen Curitiba to host this international meeting celebrating the innovations on the Italian design and its influence towards other countries. With special guests and an open program of speeches and workshops, the meeting particularly targets entrepreneurs and other stakehorlders interested in public policy and cities. Click to know more


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