Creative Cities of Literature launch “17 Books for the 17 SDGs” joint campaign

Creative Cities of Literature launch “17 Books for the 17 SDGs” joint campaign

Mon, 12/07/2020 to Wed, 12/23/2020

Iowa City (United States of America), a UNESCO Creative City of Literature since 2008, initiated the collective project “17 Books for the 17 SDGs” with fellow Creative Cities of Literature around the world. The project aims to draw attention to and raise awareness of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through books and storytelling.

From 7 to 23 December, UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature will tweet book suggestions from their respective cities, highlighting one Sustainable Development Goal per day using the hashtag #17Booksfor17SDGs. The literary works can be non-fiction titles that specifically address the SDG of the day or a piece of fiction that illuminates the theme.

14 Creative Cities of Literature have joined this joint social media campaign including Baghdad and Slemani (Iraq), Bucheon (Republic of Korea), Dunedin (New Zealand), Edinburgh, Manchester and Nottingham (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Granada (Spain), Iowa City (United States of America), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Melbourne (Australia), Milan (Italy), Odessa (Ukraine), and Utrecht (Netherlands), with other Creative Cities of Literature actively retweeting.

This campaign aims to engage readers in the digital space to leverage the power of words to offer comfort and support amidst the COVID-19 pandemic as well as to emphasize on the role of writers and literature to build sustainable communities and the future-proof cities of tomorrow.

Follow the social media hashtag: #17Booksfor17SDGs

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