Call for Papers: Imagine Kingston as a Regenerative City

Call for Papers: Imagine Kingston as a Regenerative City

Wed, 05/31/2017

There are, in Kingston old quarters, a geography of dereliction, social discomfort and crime that rank this city in the top thirty in the world with respect to murder. However, this city is a global cultural icon, the birthplace of six distinct musical genres. Kingston is waiting to be the catalyst for the expansion of cultural tourism in Jamaica. The city beckons to imagine tourism differently to reflect the creative ethos it birthed which changed the musical landscape of the world forever. Imagine Kingston as the cultural capital of the Caribbean, a center of innovation, creativity, design, arts and culture.

In this context, the University of the West Indies in association with the Jamaica Music Museum is calling on artists, educators and scholars of cultural studies, urban planning, development, environmental and design studies governance and community development, to imagine Kingston in the framework of a major conference on the regeneration of Kingston. In addition, all UNESCO Creatives Cities are invited to submit papers for the conference to sharing experiences, knowledge and best practices. The conference expect to receive 1500 participants to the event. 

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