2020 Human City Design Award in Seoul

2020 Human City Design Award in Seoul

Mon, 05/25/2020 to Wed, 11/11/2020

Seoul, a UNESCO Creative City of Design since 2010 has launched in collaboration with the Seoul Design Foundation, the 2nd edition of the ‘Human City Design Award’. The competition provides a platform to establish through design a sustainable city ecosystem for a harmonious relationship between human and the environment.

Since its self-declaration as the ‘Human City Design Seoul’ in 2018, the city of Seoul intends to serve as a window for communication towards building an urban ecosystem where human and nature coexist as well as a platform for joint prosperity, sustainability and well-being of cultural communities.

This project seeks to engage a reflection on how harmful effects linked to human alienation, materialism and environmental issues can be overcome through a creativity centered sustainable urban development. Furthermore, through the competition, the city aims to mobilize further the design potential in addressing complex social urban problems.

In this line, the 2020 Human City Design Award will recognize designers and other creators that contribute to building a more symbiotic and sustainable world, based on their new vision of creative design.

To know further regarding the participation criteria and deadline, kindly visit:

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