2018 edition of the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival coming next month

2018 edition of the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival coming next month

Mon, 09/03/2018 to Thu, 09/06/2018

From 3 to 6 September, the 2018 edition of the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival will be held in Creative City of Media Arts. The festival will offer a five-day series of events focused on digital culture, creativity and urban innovation ranging from meet-ups, conferences and panels to outdoor public happenings. 

This 9th edition’s theme is “Dining Art” and will host the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Global Summit which will provide a platform to discuss cutting-edge and innovative projects on the impact of art and technology on creating a new thinking around food.

Among the wide range of other proposed events:

  • The Cities Summit Tel Aviv – Urban leaders and entrepreneurs from cities around the world will gather to exchange the most inspiring and innovative ideas for urban development. The summit will include a session dedicated to media arts.
  • The Creative Boulevard – Rothschild Boulevard will turn into an open-air live exhibition of digital media, tech exhibitions and interactive digital games.
  • The DLD Tel Aviv Conference – The “Startup Nation's” largest annual tech gathering will host panels and networking sessions with the world's leading tech leaders and multinationals.
  • Meet-Ups on Rothschild Boulevard – Dozens of meetups on technology, art and social issues will take place in the business establishments and public spaces along Rothschild Boulevard.

DLD aims to strengthen international cooperation between cities, to stimulate and enhance initiatives to make innovation and creativity an essential component of urban development. It helps develop hubs of creativity and innovation and broaden opportunities for creators and professionals in the cultural sector.

Creative Cities are encouraged to participate in the 2018 edition of DLD. Click to register:  https://telavivcitiessummit.com/

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