“17 Books for the 17 SDGs” goes viral

“17 Books for the 17 SDGs” goes viral

Mon, 12/06/2021 to Wed, 12/22/2021

Iowa City recently crafted its end-of-year “best of” list under the theme “17 books for the 17 SDGs”. Each day from 6 to 22 December, Iowa City together with other UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature tweeted book suggestions with the highlight on each of the 17 SDGs, using the hashtag #17Booksfor17SDGs. The relevant books, whether fiction or non-fiction whose contents illuminate the SDG’s theme of the day, were featured. This initiative sought to draw attention to the SDGs and raise awareness through books and stories among the general public. This is also a part of the collective efforts undertaken by UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature to improve the lives of the inhabitants and well-being of the local communities, by continuing to engage with readers in the digital space so as to leverage the power of words to offer comfort and support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this initiative, Iowa City has created synergies among Creative Cities of Literature, shared knowledge as well as further raised awareness of the SDGs.

For more information: https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/ Follow the social media hashtag: #17Booksfor17SDGs

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