About the Creative City: 

Capital of Hunan province with 7.64 million inhabitants, Changsha is an innovation hub which signi cantly invests 
in its cultural and creative industries. The sector accounts 
for the largest share of the local economy with 12,815 established creative enterprises and 610,000 practitioners, generating 13.1% of the city's employment and a gross output of US$36,07 billion (2016). By its cross-cutting and inclusive nature, media arts in Changsha have been an essential part of the rejuvenation of the urban landscape while supporting the preservation of its outstanding cultural heritage.

The city of Changsha has developed a variety of creative programmes and events with the aim of enhancing cultural
life and enabling its citizens to rediscover the rich cultural history. One initiative is the popular Orange Island grand, digital rework displays which takes place on special occasions and public holidays. Another successful example of the use of technology to protect local heritage is the Time Travel to Han Dynasty project. This initiative uses virtual reality technology to reproduce the life of Changsha's citizens stretching back to the foundations of the city. Furthermore, The Digital Ancient Calligraphy and Painting Museum reviews the history of Chinese calligraphy and painting through digital devices.

Changsha Municipal Government actively works towards developing an environment for young people; one which encourages them to engage with the creative sector. The Sky City Education Centre offers training courses on digital lm, arti cial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality. Within its current action plan, Changsha aims to foster more synergies between creative elds and fully integrate culture as a strategic motor into the city's overall planning for economic and social development.

Added Value: 

As a Creative City of Media Arts, Changsha envisages:

  • establishing an urban creative and cultural corridor aimed at fostering citizen participation in creative activities;
  • organising an annual, large scale event displaying the latest media trends and engaging other UNESCO Creative Cities;
  • improving the quality of urban life through the ‘Smart Changsha’ platform providing an opportunity to share information on creative activities and events;
  • sharing knowledge with other Creative Cities on performing digital modelling of calligraphy and painted works;
  • launching the Asian and Africa Youth Creative Talent Programme within the UCCN to support young creative talents; and
  • raising awareness about the UCCN through diverse communication and media channels. 
Member since: 
Xinzhou Liu, Changsha Development Centre of Media Arts Government, mediarts@changsha.gov.cn