About the Creative City: 
Founded in 1539, Ayacucho is one of the most ancient and prominent colonial cities of Peru. Known as the “Capital City of Folk Art and Peruvian Craftsmanship”, this Andean city is a meeting point between cultural diversity and art creativity which has allowed the development of 16 craft types, inlcuding retablo, tapestry, Huamanga stone carving, pottery, textiles and embroidery. Approximately 30 crafts companies were identified in the city, generating estimated annual sales of US $ 1 million.
Support for local crafts and folk art is engrained within the heart of the city. Festivities, such as the Easter and Carnival, bring together the creative fields including music, cinema, theatre and dance, as expressions that, in synergy with folk art, convey the identity of a whole region at a national and international level. Other events hosted by the city, including the First Regional Meeting of Craftsmen in 2019, aim to strengthen and promote growth within the industry by analyzing craftsmen’s law and experience-based tourism.
With the aim of fostering participatory processes in the regional handicraft sector, the Municipal Government organized a Symposium on “Issues of the Handicraft Activity in the Ayacucho Region and Proposed Solution”. This event lead to the creation of a folk art museum, interpretation centres and an earmarked budget for project development. Other organizations, including DIRCETUR and the Decentralized Directorate of Ayacucho, support local artists by hosting events, including the Regional Contest of Contextualized Innovation in Crafts Production, and granting Identity and Culture Medals and diplomas of recognition to folk artists.
Added Value: 
As a Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art, Ayacucho envisages:
  • improving the handicraft sector and its incorporation to the local, national and international markets;
  • creating an exhibition, commercialization and dissemination space for crafts in the Belen neighbourhood of the city;
  • teaching folk art at schools for the promotion and transmission of craft knowledge;
  • recovering the cultural heritage of the historic centre with the Inter-American Development Bank financing and using this space for promoting culture;
  • organizing workshops with artists and designers from other creative cities; and
  • establishing a partnership with the Folk Art and Tourism School of the Universidad de San Cristóbal de Huamanga to provide interships to youth.
Member since: 
Marilú Martens Cortés, Executive Director Patronato Pikimachay Ayacucho ciudad.creativa.ayacucho @munihuamanga.gob.pe